Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The challenge I set for myself was to convey two emotions - happy and sad- in one piece of art. All I had to do was remember a children's ward from my time as an army hospital medic to find the sadness. The clown's make-up suggested the element of happiness. I painted myself for this mission. I met my challenge to my satisfaction, but I stirred up some disquieting emotions among my family. "Quite Reflections" remains part of my personal collection.


Dijea said...

Just remember I put my sticker on that.

Christy said...

Your family are probably the last people that can see you as you really are. Particularly in America, raw emotions are rarely welcome, but we all have them. Thing is, you can't have the happy without the sad, and it takes years to fully appreciate that. Lovely painting... your best. C.